Grape Sculptures.

While eating grapes recently, my 4 year old “Angel” inspired me by playing with his food. He was trying to line the grapes up and make a “house” and the grapes were being most disobedient and rolling away as he tried to build this little grape house.
He was finding it most difficult keeping it together whenever they scattered, so out of his frustration, I found inspiration! I handed him some toothpicks and the big bowl of clean, washed grapes and showed him how to connect one or two with a toothpick so that they would stick together.

Well I could never have expected the amount of creativity, fine motor skills, engineering skills, problem solving skills, imagination and fun that this would lead to! Within seconds my little 6 year old “Bubbles” was wondering what “Angel” was enjoying so much and before I knew it they were building the coolest structures that I have ever seen made with grapes!!

Grape Structures.

                   They giggled when their structures wobbled and fell at first and then they started getting totally serious about it…..

Serious business.

You could also do this with marshmallows instead of grapes as a super special treat or alternate dry spaghetti instead of toothpicks for the younger ones if you are worried about them with sharp toothpicks.

My little "Honey" just hovered around beneath the bench wishing and hoping that someone might drop a few more grapes!

My little “Honey” just hovered around beneath the bench wishing and hoping that someone might drop a few more grapes!

They ended up doing this activity for over 90 minutes and they hardly ate any of the grapes as they went, which really surprised me! They said they “needed” them for creating so couldn’t waste them! So what was supposed to be morning tea was eventually saved for afternoon tea, because once these fabulous creations were completed, they wanted to bask in the glory of them for a while before devouring them.


“Bubbles” completed his “building” complete with a tower on top..


With his building and his grape car.


“Angel” completely bursting with pride at what he created!

This was such a successful activity and was so cheap, easy and fun, I even washed the toothpicks and have kept them in a separate little container as our grape toothpicks so as not to be wasteful with resources. My boys loved this so much that now whenever we eat grapes now, they ask for toothpicks with them too!

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