Cleaning your toothbrushes.

Cleaning your toothbrushes.

Cleaning your toothbrushes.

In our house recently, we all had a yucky virus that really stopped us all in our tracks. We were all so unwell and miserable, and then just when we thought we were getting better, we all fell apart again.  It felt like we were sick forever because we were not all sick at once but just one after the other after the other and it just went on and on and on.  I was determined to rid our house of germs, so I got to disinfecting everything!!

I washed all our bed linens, opened all our windows in the bedrooms throughout the day to let the fresh air flow through and the healing sunshine and it’s natural disinfecting magic in  (even though it was freezing here that week, I just closed the bedroom doors so that the whole house wouldn’t get too cold!), I put some drops of Lemon Myrtle Essential oil in the wash with all the linen and in with all our clothes washing as an anti-microbial agent, and also thoroughly cleansed all our toothbrushes.

Eventually, of course we all recovered and got healthy again, but when I was cleaning our toothbrushes, it dawned on me just how dirty they can get and I was a bit horrified when I saw them before and after I had cleaned them.  They didn’t look all that dirty before I cleaned them, but the difference afterwards gave me a bit of a different perspective!  Previously a good clean under a super hot stream of water after each brush had been good enough for me, but now I decided I would definitely need to clean them like this more often.

So I thought I would do a quick post on cleaning toothbrushes, especially in Winter when germs are rife and we need to do whatever we can to keep our homes as germ free as we can.

Here are a few quick tips to keep our toothbrushes clean:

Run a hot stream of water over your toothbrush and use your fingers  to separate the bristles to look for, loosen and remove any existing debris.

Place 1/2 cup water into a glass and add 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and 2 teaspoons of baking soda and mix it well.

Place your toothbrush  into the glass and leave it for 30 minutes, then rinse very well.

Vinegar and baking soda are both very effective, natural, cheap disinfectants but you can also use a mouthwash such as Listerine or another mouthwash that contains alcohol.   

If using mouthwash, you only need to leave your toothbrush in  a glass with enough mouthwash to cover all of the bristles for 30 seconds and you can do this just before brushing.

It is also best if you store them in open air rather than covered or in a cupboard, so that they get a good chance to dry out and not harbour germs. 

Where possible, store them separate to each other too, so they are not touching each other, so as not to spread any germs if someone in your home does become unwell.

It is important to discard your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months or once they show some wear, they become less efficient at cleaning teeth and should be replaced, not only for oral hygiene but also for general health and well being.

Keep smiling those bright, happy, clean smiles everyone!!



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