Top Tips for Minimising or Avoiding Ironing.

I would do just about ANYTHING to minimise or avoid ironing!

I would do just about ANYTHING to minimise or avoid ironing!


I really, really do not like ironing. I am not sure why…it should be a nicer chore than cleaning the toilets and bathrooms, shouldn’t it?

I have tried really, really, really hard to look for the positives in the task of ironing, but so far the only good things I can come up with that are going for it are: a) When ironing my husband’s shirt collars I get the scent of my husband’s aftershave which reminds me of him and makes me feel happy and b) the obvious outcome that your clothes look really nice and wrinkle – free.  Two reasons that encourage me to just “suck it up” and get it done.

However, where possible I like to minimise the amount of ironing so that all my chores don’t rob my time away my family, so I did some research and found some top tips that can help reduce the need for ironing or that could mean that just a quick, light iron is sufficient, and I came up with a few tips that can hopefully mean more time for your family or even, just maybe, 5 minutes to yourself!

Click on the link below to get your free printable that you can print out and laminate and put on the inside of your laundry cupboard where your iron is kept, so you can use it as a handy reference guide and find what works for you.  Having a laminated reminder near your iron, will be a visual reminder that can help you to actually learn and remember these tips to help save you time and work long term.  It takes in general 120 days of doing a certain new skill until it becomes a habit, so having something to jog your memory may help until it becomes a subconscious habit of mind – something that you just do without thinking about it.  Hopefully some of these tips will become new good habits that save your time and energy for more quality time with your family instead.

Top tips for Minimising or Avoiding Ironing

Good luck staying wrinkle free! If you can buy any garments that state they are crease or wrinkle free or even better “IRON FREE” – DO IT!!!  🙂


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