Musical Balloons.

Musical Balloons

Musical Balloons.

Balloons are so fun for so many reasons, and a super easy way to make them even more fun, is to fill them with noisy treasures to shake about and make “music” with!  This is a great activity to do on those days where the kids seem to want to be super noisy and need to get it out of their system in a positive way!  (Hey, I know noise can  be a bit much sometimes, but it is a productive noise, and better than the noise of tantrums and whingeing right?  Just remind yourself that they are so noisy because they are learning.)  🙂

So really all you need is balloons and some simple items to place in to the balloon before you inflate them and tie them off at the ends. I gathered some items and put them in to some cups so that not only could my boys help me to fill the balloons, but so that after they were inflated, they could try to guess which balloon had which items inside and match them up to the right cup that we had left some treasure inside for comparison.

Our musical treasures.

Our musical treasures.

We used some colourful bells, water, corn kernels, water beads, coloured rice, pony beads, marbles and cous cous for our balloons, but you can use anything you think is appropriate, and because there was a light shower of rain when we started playing with them,  we started playing with them inside……until I saw the boys bopping them around and going crazy running around with them and then had a sensible thought….”Hmmm…I think if any pop, the clean up might be easier if we did this outside”.

Running around in our old house, making music!!

Running around in our old house, making music!!

Once the deck had dried up a little bit and wasn’t slippery anymore, we took them outside and played with them.  The one with the marbles in it popped quite early on in the fun, but amazingly the others all stayed perfectly in tact!  For days and days actually!!  I didn’t fully inflate them, but left them a little smaller so that the rubber of the balloon wasn’t under so much internal pressure, so were less likely to pop.

They ran around with them outside and sang songs and giggled and giggled and giggled.  Then they tried to work out which balloon had which treasure inside by shaking and listening carefully, then scanning the cups with their eyes to see which treasure the “music” sounded like.

They guessed each balloon’s contents correct and felt very happy with themselves that they were so very, very clever.

They really, really loved this activity whilst actively playing with them, and even then, after we were finished playing with them after a few days, we took them outside over the old baby bath to catch the contents and we popped each one with a pin, which made them fall about laughing hysterically as they popped each one and all the contents flew out all over the place!

Overall, this was so, so, SO fun, but do be prepared for a bit of noise with this activity – remind yourself that all the giggles and magical, happy smiles that come with the noise are so totally worth it!

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