Edible Slime.


Edible Slime.


I have seen so many fabulous slime recipes lately that look absolutely wonderful, but can require quite a few ingredients and a bit of work to get them to the right consistency, and as I have tried a few slime recipes before and some of them failed miserably which wasted my ingredients, I was reluctant to try any more just yet, so when I saw this SUPER EASY SLIME RECIPE made with just Metamucil and water, I was so super excited!

Now oddly enough, I actually do have Metamucil in my pantry always, not because any of us need help in going to the toilet, but because it is really good to help you regulate your cholesterol levels as it contains psyllium (a known ingredient that is supposed to assist with cholesterol reduction).  I adore chocolate, and I do try to limit my intake, but find it hard sometimes (I love a good Tim Tam!) so I do try to have a glass or two of Metamucil each day to assist me in keeping my cholesterol down at a healthy level.  From my own experience of drinking Metamucil, I know that you have to drink it quickly after mixing it with a glass of water or it turns in to a jelly like consistency, which is hard to choke down (it is like trying to drink a glass of thick jelly), so I could see how it could turn in to a fun slime ingredient as soon as I read about it!

So all you need is:


A fibre supplement that contains psyllium


A very large microwave safe bowl

In a large microwave safe bowl (a really large bowl so that it does not bubble up and spill over, it does bubble up quite a bit!), add 1 tablespoon of Metamucil and then whisk it with 1 cup of water and place it in the microwave for about 5 minutes.  I would suggest that you do not walk away, I would definitely check the consistency every 3 minutes and check it for your preferred consistency.

If you use more Metamucil and less water it gives you a more non-sticky rubbery slime. If you use more water and less Metamucil it gives you a more oobie goobie sticky slime.

Check after 3 minutes, if it bubbles over, pause the microwave and then restart it for another minute longer or until you get the consistency that you prefer.

After 5 minutes you will find this:

Straight out of the microwave, it is HOT in the middle, so be careful!

Straight out of the microwave, it is HOT in the middle, so be careful!


I waited for it to cool down for a few minutes before giving it to my boys to play with as it is super hot initially.

If you are doubling the recipe, start checking it after 7 minutes. Sometimes it doesn’t take 10 minutes to get the right consistency.

Once it was very comfortable to handle, we got out our light table and then the fun began!

Our edible slime on the light table.

Our edible slime on the light table.


It looked really cool on the light table too!

It tasted like Orange Jelly! I wouldn’t recommend them eating too much of it, as it is a fibre supplement, but certainly a few little tastes are fine!


They had the occasional little taste of it, but no one wanted to eat giant handfuls of it or anything, which was good, but they did like the taste!  It was so handy knowing that my little ones who were more likely to try and taste it would be safe if they did eat some, so I didn’t have to watch over them like a hawk.

My little Honey loved it!

My little Honey loved it!

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