Fan Feathers.

Fan Feathers!

Fan Feathers!

A few years back, we were doing messy collage pasting outside (the best place for non-stressful messy play!) and a big gust of wind blew our craft feathers everywhere!!  As we all chased them about trying to catch them, we were all giggling and laughing so much, as they blew about and up in our faces and just out of reach every time we thought we had caught one!

Chasing the feathers blowing about was actually far more fun than the pasting we had been doing for fun!

I was inspired!

So we packed up our collage activity outside and went inside, as it was getting too windy and stuff was being blown around everywhere and instead we got out an old pedestal fan and our craft feathers and I stood behind the fan and dropped the feathers in to path of the breeze and in the direction of where the boys were sitting.

Waiting with anticipation!

Waiting with anticipation!

Within 2 seconds flat they were over there with me in front of the fan laughing and trying to catch them and asking me to “Do it again! Do it again!!” over and over again.


They both got involved!

They both got involved!


They had such a blast and it was actually a fantastic activity to get their wriggles out and excellent for hand eye coordination as they had to really focus to try and catch the feathers as they floated around randomly.


"Let me try it now!"

“Let me try it now!”


It Is SUCH a simple activity, but worthy of sharing because for the amount of work it took to set up (60 seconds) in comparison to the amazing amount of fun they had and the whole morning full of giggles – it was awesome!! This is really great for indoors on a rainy Winter’s Day too!!

I loved how excited they were!

I loved how excited they were!

This was SO EASY and cheap but SO much fun!

Loving it!!

Loving it!!

So next time when your children are a bit ratty and you all need a giggle, give it a try!

Give it a try any time!

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