Balloon Rocket Ships.

  Recently we made Balloon Powered Lego Cars, (which my boys just fell about laughing hysterically over every time they zoomed across the room, I will post about that another time), and because they enjoyed that activity so much, I decided to think up something else we could utilise the same principle with, and in to my head […]

Glow in the Dark Stones.

At one point, I was completely addicted to Glow in the Dark Activities with my boys, and they were totally addicted too! We bought a black light globe and it generated so many ideas I could hardly contain myself! I started buying everything in bright, neon colours that would fluoresce under our light, everything from […]


Hello and welcome to my new blog “The Grateful Mummy”! Thank you so much for visiting! It is very early days yet and I have yet to fill up my blog with as much information as I would like, but I promise to add as many helpful, interesting, fun and inspiring posts as I can […]