Welcome to The Grateful Mummy Book Club!!


Welcome To The Grateful Mummy Book Club!

Welcome To The Grateful Mummy Book Club!

I am going to start sharing my favourite books with you, and start “The Grateful Mummy Book Club” and I would love your suggestions to add to this list too!  Please comment on the bottom of the page so I can check them out!!

I plan to eventually build this up in to a very comprehensive list of beautiful books for you to check out, I will give a thorough review and utilise “The Grateful Mummy” love heart rating system, give you a sneak peek at the illustrations and an insight to the type of writing style, relay important messages contained within the stories, and what areas these books can help with in your family’s lives, etc.  I hope to eventually have a great, little resource list so that if you are having a certain event, experience or behaviour going on in your family such as a child with low self-esteem, a stressful experience coming up, or just want a special book for a special someone, etc. that you can look at this list and easily find a book to help under the headings of self-esteem, anxiety, love, confidence, etc.

  There are so many beautiful books out there that are like hidden treasure just waiting to be discovered, and I want to inspire not only a love of reading and early literacy in children but also to encourage learning and fun from the stories too.  Reading books together with your children is such a beautiful way to slow down and connect, I love the opportunity to sit down every night and read with them and I know how much they love it too.   We are avid readers in our house and have a HUGE collection of children’s books and some are just so good that I want to share them with you so you can check them out too!!

Mem Fox who is a retired Associate Professor of Literacy Studies and has not only written many International Best Sellers for children but who is also Australia’s most highly regarded picture-book author, says that parents should “Read at least three stories a day: it may be the same story three times. Children need to hear a thousand stories before they can begin to learn to read. Or the same story a thousand times!”

See Mem Fox’s other top tips for reading here:


We read at least three books a day in our house (as Mem Fox recommends) and I try to read one book from each of my children’s target age groups, this way even though we all listen to all three of the books, everyone is read at least one book that is at their level and that is developmentally appropriate and engaging, and then we listen to the others at their sibling’s levels too, I am now also getting my eldest boy who can now read quite well, to read one book to the family also for practice and to bond and connect with his siblings too!

It is not only paramount that children learn to recognise the words and enunciate the words correctly, but their reading comprehension is essential too.  Try as much as possible to ask them to make predictions of the text by looking at the pictures, “What do you think is going to happen on this page?”,  “Tell me about what happened on that last page?  How did that little boy feel?”, “Has anything like that ever happened to you?”, etc. to encourage them to understand what they just read and to relate it to their own experiences and their pre-existing knowledge.

Comprehension is essential to ensure our children become competent readers as adults, they need these comprehension skills to be aware of why they are reading the text, review and make predictions about what is going to happen, learn to read selectively, make connections and associations with the text based on what they already know, refine predictions and expectations, use context to identify unfamiliar words, re-read and make notes, evaluate the quality of the text,  review important points in the text and consider how the information might be used in the future.


Whoa!  What a surprise ending to The Very Hungry Caterpillar!!  Spoiler Alert!  A butterfly?  Who knew!  (This is my fake surpsie face to my children, "Who knew this was going to happen?  You ALL did?  What?  And you didn't tell ME?  Cheeky!"  ;)

Whoa! What a surprise ending to The Very Hungry Caterpillar!! 😉  Spoiler Alert! A butterfly? Who knew!  That is AMAZING!  How did that happen? (This is my fake surprised face to my children, ha ha!), “Who knew this was going to happen? What? You ALL did? What? And no one told ME? I wasn’t expecting that!  Cheeky boys!  How on earth do caterpillars turn in to butterflies?  Tell me!  Wow, I thought he was going to turn in to a banana!” 😉


Not only is reading with your children a beautiful way to end the day, snuggle up together and relax before bedtime , but a study funded by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development has proven what we parents intuitively knew all along, the more we read to our children from an early age, the greater the positive effect on their reading and thinking skills. The longitudinal study followed the reading skills of more than 4000 children, aged four to five years in 2004, through to age 10 to 11.The Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research have proven a causal effect between the frequency of reading to a child and his or her development, and also actually measured the benefits.  Through this study, they discovered that it doesn’t matter if a child is from a poor or rich family, or if the parents are highly educated or not, or from different backgrounds, etc.  Reading to children aged four to five years old were read to three to five times a week, they had the same reading ability as children six months older than them (who were read to only twice or less a week).  Reading to children six to seven days a week puts them almost a year ahead of those who are not being read to.  It was also found that reading to small children has a positive effect on the development of numeracy skills.

Reading with your child assists greatly with academic excellence, but it also helps to develop a stronger relationship with you, more logical thinking skills, helps them to learn critical language and enunciation skills, teaches them the basics of how to read a book (reading text from left to right, etc), better communication skills, enhanced concentration and discipline, gives them a better grasp of the fundamentals of language (past and present tense, punctuations, that adding ‘ing’ to a word changes the meaning and use of the word, etc, ), can assist in transitions to new experiences, such as starting school or other developmental milestone or a stressful experience, etc. and most importantly – teaches them that learning to read is FUN!!!!

 So it is in this spirit of reading and connecting with our children and helping that we now move forward and officially open “The Grateful Mummy Book Club”!

I would love to hear yours and your children’s favourite books! 

Please comment at the bottom of this page to share them and where possible I will review them and share the love!  I will share one of my all time favourites on the blog very soon, click to follow this blog at the bottom of this page so that you don’t miss anything!  Stay posted!  🙂

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