Children arguing a lot lately? Try this!!

Do you have stages in your home where your children seem to be arguing with each other a lot? Try this next time and see if it helps switch your children “switch” back to being more light-hearted? Doing this worked for us and made us all giggle, reconnect and bond again, instead of losing our minds at each other!!! It really does help!

When tempers have settled and everyone is more calm, say “Hmmm, it is far too calm and peaceful in here right now, would you two please argue with each other again now?” They will either giggle or be snooty, if they giggle – GREAT!!!  If they begin to argue again, pretend to be a TV commentator.

“We’re on the scene tonight watching two brothers who can’t seem to get along! Will they work things out or not? Stay with us while we observe this behaviour live! Notice how this big brother is bossy, but the little brother loves provoking his brother! Both boys want the same piece of salami! Can they work this out? Are they smart enough to realize there’s more salami in the fridge or to cut it in half and share it together? Stay tuned…”
Your kids should giggle and let off tension, and be enlightened enough to see how ridiculous the situation is and that there is a VERY EASY solution!
Everyone feels a little more smiley and can have a nice cuddle, reconnect and hopefully reset the PEACE button!
Good luck!!  🙂

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