Is your child going through a whining stage? Try this!!!!

Is your child going through a whining stage? Try this!!!!

“When your child goes through a stage of whining a lot, remember that whining is an expression of powerlessness.

Refusing to “hear” until they use a “big kid” voice further invalidates them. But of course you don’t want to reward whining by “giving in” to it, either. Instead, express confidence that your child can use their “strong” voice and offer your assistance to help her find it, by making it into a game:

“Hey, where did your strong voice go? It was here a minute ago. I LOVE your strong voice! I’ll help you find it. Help me look. Is it under the chair? No…In the toy box? Is it in your ear? No…. HEY! You found it!! That was your strong voice!! Yay! I love your strong voice! Now, tell me again what you need, in your strong voice.”

This works every single time for my adorable, little one when he transforms in to a little whinger!! Makes him smile and use his big voice and it makes me smile and stops me from feeling so darn frustrated with his whingeing too!!


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