More Tips for Worn Out Mums: Part 2.

Parenting:  Taking the word, "exhausted" to a whole new level!!

Parenting: Taking the word, “exhausted” to a whole new level!!

I have been sick in and out of hospital for the last week, so have struggled a bit to get through everything and to deal with family life in general, so I felt a few more tips for Worn Out Mums were in order!!

Here they are!!

*  Try to stay calm and not make your child feel guilty when they wet their bed for the 7th time in a week, yes it is annoying having to wash and dry clothes and linen and re-make the bed over and over again and shower your child, but research shows that filling your child with guilt or getting stressed about it does not cure Bed Wetting. Just smile and silently plot your revenge, then in your old age, plan to stay at their house……often…..and drink lots of coffee….


*  When flying with children, at the end of the safety announcements, jokingly ask out loud to the flight attendant at the front as to whether the alcoholic drinks cart comes around more frequently to those travelling with or seated around children, hopefully the other passengers will laugh and be more understanding if there are any child-related noise or issues arise during the flight.

*  There will always be chores that no one ever wants to do. Make a conscious decision about them, would you rather do it yourself? Nag your child to do it? Or let it go? If you are confused about what to do, see Number 1 on Tips for Worn Out Mums:  Part 1  list:  Lower your standards for cleanliness and order.

*  No matter how many IKEA baskets and storage units you buy to contain toys, they will always be visible. Embrace the new totally HOT décor that everyone is talking about, “Daycare Centre Chic”.

*  If you have boys, your bathroom will always faintly stink like pee, as a matter of fact there will usually be pee all over the place in the bathroom 99% of the time, that is not to say that you are not cleaning properly, simply the fact that the ratio of how often they pee, to how often you get time to actually pee at all in a 24 hour period, means that for a large majority of the time, there will be pee somewhere around the toilet or on the toilet seat because you don’t get time to go 5 trillion times a day to know it is even there, to then also attempt to keep on top of it. ALWAYS look before you sit, and count down the days until they move out and you can go visit them and pee on their bathroom floor.

Native Australian Lemon Myrtle


In the meantime to get you through with the Pee-stink problem, invest in some Lemon Myrtle Oil and dilute it with water, or buy Lemon Myrtle Air Freshener (click on the banner below to check out their products and read up on it – I use this stuff on EVERYTHING in my house!!  It smells absolutely beautiful and apart from being a wonderful mood lifter and calming, it’s the most antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal of the Australian essential oils – more powerful than Teatree even, and  helpful with colds, flus, chest congestions, irritable digestive disorders, gas in the digestive tract, skin conditions like Molluscum Contagiosum, etc. and you can even buy pre-made, natural air freshener.  These products have seriously the most beautiful fragrance (I put it in my oil burner when I need a lift too!) but they are so great for those of us who don’t like using harsh chemicals around our children and prefer natural products that also have some serious germ butt-kicking power!  So versatile, natural and beautiful, once you start using this, you will save stacks on cleaning products, your house will smell beautiful and those germs will be simply wiped away!  Buying the oil and using a couple of drops diluted in water goes a very long way!

Click on the picture link below or above to link directly to check out Lemon Myrtle for yourself at and see what you think! Do your own research on it too to see what I mean about its benefits, I will write about this product in more detail soon as I have only known about this in the last 18 months and I wish I had known about it sooner, PLUS I know all my”Earth Mummy” Friends will love it too!

Native Australian Lemon Myrtle

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