Lose those training wheels fast!

My son had a very traumatic bike riding experience last year.  He had a serious bike crash which left him with a bloodied face, grazes and loose teeth (new adult teeth too!).  He forgot to hop off his bike down quite a steep decline and despite Daddy yelling out to him frantically and trying to catch […]

Is your child being annoying to you or are they really “in your face”? Try this!!

  It is school holidays for us at the  moment and as much as I ADORE having all of my babies home with me, let’s be honest, everyone can be a little bit “In each other’s faces” a bit more and be a bit more needy. I found my boys being REALLY NEEDY and IN […]

Fun Family Faces.

  A super easy, but fun activity for your children is to enlarge photos of each family member and print them out from the computer, cut around them, then laminate them then cut around them again. Then we used these for lots of fun things, like place settings at the table, we played hide and seek […]

Healthy Lemon Slice from the “Nutrition Ninja” (AKA The Grateful Mummy).

      I have three, beautiful, healthy, little boys who bless me with their love every day – I am so grateful for them!  Two of my boys are excellent eaters, they are not fussy, they eat everything I give them and have very good appetites!  One of my boys though, has sadly has inherited […]

Borax Crystal Snowflake Experiment!

      My boys just LOVE science experiments, and to be honest I REALLY do too!!  So much fun seeing what happens and so many learning opportunities available too! A couple of years back my 4-year-old son was asking me about crystals and how they grow, what they are made of, etc. so we […]

From Kindergarten to School Transition Tips. Free Printable School Readiness Checklist and Student and Parent Contact List!

It is time to start thinking about how to prepare my 4-year-old for the transition to school next year. I am a quite an over-emotional being when it comes to my children, something about them just makes my heart melt and my emotions overflow, so when it comes to the idea of them taking the first step […]

The AMAZING Lemon Myrtle Oil!!

For everyone who loves the fresh smell of lemon and who loves using natural anti-microbial products for cleaning and for aromatherapy benefits! I want to share information with my beautiful friends, a beautiful, natural, multi-purpose oil that a gorgeous friend of mine introduced me to two years ago that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! After doing lots […]

Lunchbox Ideas!! The Grateful Mummy’s Free Printable!

Is it just me or is it hard to keep coming up with new ideas for the lunchbox? I struggle to keep coming up with new ideas that get eaten during the day so I have assembled a list of a few ideas that my children like that I know I can always include and […]