Jelly Jigglers!!

Jelly Jigglers.

Jelly Jigglers.

In our home, we love novelty food that is creative and artistic, the more fun it is visually, the better!!

We have a bit of a collection of novelty shaped ice-cube moulds, so we decided to make some firmer jelly and make some toddler sized shapes to have after dinner tonight!

All you have to do is:

Make up a store-bought jelly mix as per the packet instructions and mix in three extra teaspoons of gelatine to dissolve.

Spray the moulds with cooking spray, then pour the jelly mixture in to the moulds then refrigerate until set.

We found that some shapes worked better than others, tragically all of our love heart-shaped jelly jigglers just had to be eaten all mooshed up, but the rest of our trial worked and we ended up with beautiful shapes such as:  pineapples, bunches of grapes, stars, bananas, shells, fish, flowers, apples, orange segments and more!  So simple, but so fun and the kids got a real kick out of them!

They were super easy to eat for the children, due to them being much firmer than normal jelly, and also they did not require delicate balancing on a spoon held by wriggly children’s little fingers to then somehow make it in to their mouths without flopping back in to their bowls, or on their laps or on the floor.  They were far less messy to eat than normal jelly, and way more fun!  This was a fun and sensory experience and was a special dessert as a treat for us all too!

Super easy, super fun and super cheap!

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Thanks for reading!!


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