From Kindergarten to School Transition Tips. Free Printable School Readiness Checklist and Student and Parent Contact List!

Will you be like this?

First day of school.  Will you be like this?

Or this?

Or this?

It is time to start thinking about how to prepare my 4-year-old for the transition to school next year.

I am a quite an over-emotional being when it comes to my children, something about them just makes my heart melt and my emotions overflow, so when it comes to the idea of them taking the first step in to the big wide world alone – school – I honestly do not know who the adjustment is more difficult for, my children or me!  Don’t get me wrong, I am so proud and happy for them and love to see them take their first steps in to greater independence and confidence, but for me it is just so difficult giving away the best part of my days and weeks of being with my beautiful, treasured children to someone else.

I just miss BEING with them so much, I find that SO HARD!!

ANYWAY…before I get all emotional, the time has come to start preparing myself but most importantly my child for this momentous, happy and wonderful event in their lives so that hopefully I am the only one who sheds a tear or two after I have said goodbye to my little one for the first time at school.

I would love to say that I won’t shed a tear either, but knowing me, there will DEFINITELY be a couple, the battle is just to contain them until after a happy, quick, casual goodbye at school, before they all burst out – Note to Self:  Buy the LARGE block of chocolate to drown sorrows in for that day, not the small!

My reason for writing this post, is because my four-year old who will be going to school next year, has an extremely close friend in kinder who is going to a different school.

Sadly because of this lovely, close friendship, my little man and his friend have stuck to each other like glue and even though he likes being around all the other children too, he has not formed any other really close bonds with the other children who he will be going to school with next year.  So I am on a mission to foster and nurture other friendships with children who he will be going to school with next year to assist in a smooth transition to school.

From Kindergarten.....

From Kindergarten…..

To School..... (sniff sniff)

To School….. (sniff sniff)

For those parents like me, who also have children in kindergarten, now is the time to start organising a few playdates with other children who will be going to the same school as your child!

 I wanted to organise a few playdates for this reason, however, our kindergarten didn’t provide us with a list of parental contacts for our kinder that we could refer to and utilise to catch up with other parents and children, so I have created one for this purpose and thought other parents may wish to use it too, if you haven’t already got one.

You can use this Blank Contact List for day-care parents, playgroup parents, kindergarten parents or school parents, just place it on to a table or email it around and ask people who would like to have their details available for other parents to complete their details, if people do not wish to complete it, that is okay too!!

You can write your own cover letter to suit your needs, but I wrote one for our kinder that you could also use, which is a start to make life easier for you.

Click on this link below for the FREE PRINTABLE Student and Parent Contact List:

Student and Parent Contact List

I have also created a printable document for you full of other handy tips and ideas to help with the transition from kinder to school, the sooner you start the easier it should be!  In theory anyway!

Click on the link below for some other handy resources and hints as a FREE PRINTABLE to help you in the transition from kindergarten to school:

School readiness checklist and kinder to school transition.

There may still be a tear or two come day 1 of school, (mostly from the mummies and daddies!), and we can help with SOME of the adjustments and transitions for the children by implementing some of these strategies, but be mindful that there is NO WAY that we can do ALL of the adjustments for them!!  The children MUST also adjust to this transition in their own way and in their own time by themselves, we can only help with a portion of it – so anything extra we can do is fantastic, but do be prepared, as there still MAY be tears, different behaviours, anxieties and unforeseen reactions to this major change in their young lives.

Reading books such as the one I wrote about in my Separation Anxiety Post can help too!!

Click on the link below to check it out!

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