Fun Family Faces.

Fun Family Faces.

Fun Family Faces.


A super easy, but fun activity for your children is to enlarge photos of each family member and print them out from the computer, cut around them, then laminate them then cut around them again.

Then we used these for lots of fun things, like place settings at the table, we played hide and seek with them hidden all around the house, we stuck them to large pieces of paper then drew bodies around them on the paper and drew them in fun locations like swimming freestyle in muddy puddles, or playing the saxophone up a tree, etc. and also drew different dress ups on the bodies that we drew.

One of our most favourite things that we did with them, was use some colourful permanent markers and drew funny faces on them.

Ahhhh...don't we all look just fabulous? ;)

Awwwww…don’t we all look just fabulous? 😉


It is super easy to erase the marker off them afterwards too, just by using acetone nail polish remover and a baby wipe to wipe them over.

It is a great way to spark discussion on body parts they may not know about for the younger children too, “Let’s draw earrings on my ear lobes – who knows where my ear lobes are?”

It seems so simple and easy, and yet even my little baby loved them and would just sit there pointing to each one and then identify them by name, “Daddy…Mummy…etc…”.

So much fun in one simple, little creation!

I would love to hear if you have any other ways to use them that I haven’t thought of too!

I hope you love it!!

Have a beautiful, love filled day!!


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