Is your child being annoying to you or are they really “in your face”? Try this!!

Ha ha ha!  Are your children being a little "in your face"?  Try the "Fix It Game!"

Ha ha ha! Are your children being a little “in your face”? Try the “Fix It Game!”


It is school holidays for us at the  moment and as much as I ADORE having all of my babies home with me, let’s be honest, everyone can be a little bit “In each other’s faces” a bit more and be a bit more needy.

I found my boys being REALLY NEEDY and IN MY FACE yesterday when I REALLY wanted all my boys to be on their best behaviour, of course, and I had to keep trying different things (AAAAALLLLLL DAAAAAYYYY) to try to help them all “keep it together”, this really did help, I promise!!

When your child is being annoying, or in your face:

 “Are you out of hugs again?  Let’s do something about that!”  Grab your child and give her a LOOOONG squishy hug — as long as you can. Don’t loosen your grip until he begins to squirm and even then don’t let go immediately.  Hug harder and say “I LOVE hugging you! I never want to let go.  Promise I can hug you again soon?”  Then let go and connect with a big, warm smile, and say “Thank you! I needed that!”

A more intensive version, for when a child has a new sibling, big changes, needs a bit of extra love and attention or after you’ve been doing a lot of disciplining:

Convince your child on a very deep level that you LOVE him by chasing him, hugging, kissing, then letting him get away and repeating — again and again. “I need my Jack….You can’t get away…no way….I have to hug you and cover you with kisses….oh, no, you got away…I’m coming after you….I just have to kiss you more and hug you more….You’re too fast for me….But I’ll never give up…I love you too much…I got you….Now I’ll kiss your toes….Oh, no, you’re too strong for me…But I will always want more Jack hugs….” This is such a favourite game of ours, guaranteed to transform your child’s doubt about whether he’s truly loved (and any child who is “misbehaving” harbours that doubt). (I call this the Fix game because it “Fixes” whatever’s wrong.

Try it, it really works!!  It also can help with separation anxiety too!

For me, not only does it switch the child’s mood, but it switches mine too!  From feeling frustrated to having a giggle and pushing the “RESET” button on my patience!

Good luck out there!!

Ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha!


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