Yoghurt Drops.

Yoghurt Drops.

Yoghurt Drops.

A super easy, but fun activity and snack for your children is to make yoghurt drops with them.

It is so super simple, but they look adorable and taste yummy and the kids love them to bits!!

All you do is get any plain yoghurt, such as Greek, Natural or even Vanilla yoghurt, then you can simply colour the yoghurt with food colouring like we did, or you can even puree up some berries or fruit with it until there are no lumps and it is a super smooth consistency (it is important that there are no lumps or it will not come out of the piping bag hole).

 Then put the yoghurt in to a piping bag if handy or use a zip lock bag like we did to use as a makeshift, disposable piping bag, we poured in the yoghurt, sealed the top, then cut a tiny hole in the corner of the zip lock bag and voila! A super easy piping bag!

Line a chopping board or tray that will fit in to your freezer flat with baking paper, and pipe on little dots all over it, allowing enough space between them so that they don’t blend in to each other.

Then freeze them until they have set hard.

They don’t stay frozen for long once you remove them from the freezer, so only take them out once you are ready to eat them straight away!

We made three lots of them this time and had multi coloured ones (pink, yellow and aqua), but the children ate them so fast I missed getting a photo of all the coloured ones together  – they looked sooooo cute!! So we will have to do it again, so I can get another cute photo as I only managed to get a photo of some leftover aqua ones we had.

I hope you like them!  So easy, but fun and yummy too!!

Much Love,



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