Glow Bubbles!

Blowing Glowing Bubbles!

Blowing Glowing Bubbles!

I will pre-position this post with the fact that this post is for the older children who will absolutely, definitely not suck in on a straw when you tell them not to, but blow out to make bubbles, my 7-year-old is totally fine with this, so was okay for this activity, however I wouldn’t offer this to my 4-year-old or my 2-year-old, as I could not say with any certainty that they wouldn’t drink up the detergent in this activity.

They looked so cool!

They looked so cool!

My boys love, love, LOVE glow in the dark activities, they also love bubbles – I mean who doesn’t love bubbles right?  Well the good news is that you can very simply combine these two things in to the one fun activity!

Most dishwashing detergents that are that neon yellow green colour will fluoresce under a black light.  So if you have a black light, you can do this activity soooo easily and soooooooooo cheaply!!

This is how the detergent fluoresces under the black light.

This is how the detergent fluoresces under the black light.

All you need to do is get a bowl and put some of this neon dishwashing detergent in to the bowl (ours was just a home brand detergent), put this bowl over a tray – in case the bubbles get so big when blown that they spill over the side, this way will catch any sticky, soapy messes on the tray, then get a drinking straw, turn on your black light lamp overhead and get your  child to blow bubbles in to the detergent!!

GetAttachment (6)

My younger boys totally wanted to get in on this action, but instead I offered them a safer glowing activity to do at the same time, which was adding some of this glowing detergent in to a large zip lock bag, sealing it up with tape along the edge in case they burst it open by pressing too hard, then I taped it to our bench for them to do “non-messy finger paint” by pressing on to the glowing, squishy bag and indenting it with their fingers to show up the dark surface beneath it.  They were totally in to this and drew patterns and letters, while I closely watched that my 7-year-old did not accidentally drink any detergent up.  He didn’t even do it once, which I kind of knew he wouldn’t, I told him that it would make him sick if he drank it, so he had to be super careful or only Mummy could do the bubble blowing and he would just have to watch.  He stared at me wide-eyed as though this was like being told you can do something totally grown up and adult and very seriously said, “I promise mum, I really, really promise!” and sure enough he kept his word.  We used a neon yellow straw to look even more effective, the straw glowed too and looked like a glow stick!

He was so very good and very carefully only blew air in to the liquid.

He was so very good and very carefully only blew air in to the liquid.

As mentioned, this is only for the older children, but the older one really loved this, while the younger ones played with the same liquid safely in their zip lock bags for non-messy finger painting.

My biggest boy loved this so much, and kept on asking to do it again and again night after night!

If you feel nervous about letting your child blow the bubbles, you blow them instead and ask them to watch and they can maybe help you pop them instead!

Have fun with it!

Love Fern.


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