Jelly Worms!!

Jelly Worms!

Jelly Worms!

Every Halloween we try to make some kind of edible, novelty, spooky food.

This year we decided to try to make realistic, jelly worms that we had seen a photo of on the internet.  There wasn’t a very detailed instructional on it and it took a little trial and error to get it right, so I thought I would write a post on it for anyone who would like to try it for themselves for those of you who didn’t want to have to try a few times like we did to get them right.

What you will need:

 2 packets of red jelly/jello

 1 cup of whipping cream

2 tablespoons of powdered gelatine

Green food colouring

A packet of 60-100 bendy drinking straws (depending on how many worms you would like to make.

2 rubber bands

Tall skinny glass (the same height as the straws)

They looked soooo cool!!

They looked soooo cool!!


Firstly make up the jelly/jello as per the packet’s instructions, add the extra gelatine and stir to dissolve well, then whip in the cream.  Add about 5 drops or so of green food colouring to make a red-brown earth worm colour.

This was the colour we made our jelly mixture.

This was the colour we made our jelly mixture.


Next grab your tall glass/drink bottle/jug and fit as many drinking straws as possible in there so that the straws fill the empty void of your vessel.  Then stretch out your drinking straws so that the bendable part of them is fully outstretched.

Grasp all of the drinking straws together in a bundle and wrap an elastic band around each end so that they are tightly bound together.

Bind the straws together and find a tall cup/jug/vessel that is the same height and circumference as your straw bundle.

Bind the straws together and find a tall cup/jug/vessel that is the same height and circumference as your straw bundle.

Then place the straws in to your tall skinny glass/jug/bottle, ensuring that there is not much space at all on any side of your bundle of straws, otherwise the jelly mixture will just run down through the bottom opening and fill in the void at the side of your straws.

The creamy part of the mix separates from the translucent part of the jelly, so one half of the worm is a creamy looking jelly/jello and the other half is standard, translucent jelly/jello looking.  The creamy part looks so realistic and “wormy” and I wished the whole worm looked like that.  Next time I will try to make this mixture the same way as when people make white jelly with condensed milk (however I will use red jelly still and add the green food colouring to get the colour right), apparently this jelly mixture does not seem to separate and I think this would look better personally than having one half creamy and the other half translucent.  The top part of the straws is where the creamy part of the mixture will set, so it looks the most effective if you put the ridged, bendy part of the straw up the top end of the glass where the nicer looking creamy part of the worm will set.

As mentioned, I will try this with a different mixture next time and report back if it is more successful!

Then pour the jelly mixture in to the straws, ensuring that they are all filled to the top of each straw, then place in the fridge to set.

We had worms for sweets!

I never thought I would actually ever say to my child, “We will go and read a book after you have finished eating all of your worms”.  I experience new “firsts” every day with my children!  Ha ha ha!

Once set, take out of the fridge, remove the rubber bands, then remove any excess jelly that might be set to the outside of the straws.

Then all you need to do is squeeze the worms out of each straw in to a bowl.  We used pliers to hold one end of the straw then squeezed the worms out with our fingers as the straws were sticky and slimy and difficult to hold without the pliers.  This bit took a little while to extract the worms from the straws, but it was really fun to see them come out perfectly formed and look like worms each time!

Our bowl of jiggly, wriggly worms!!

Our bowl of jiggly, wriggly worms!!

 As we ate our worms we talked about the texture, look, smell  and the taste of them – it was such a sensory experience and they played with them on the plates and slurped them up like spaghetti and used them to draw pictures on their plates, there was so much open opportunity for discussion and learning all through just a plate of worms made out of jelly!!  It also made a spooky treat for dessert on Halloween which we all loved!

Hope you love them too!

Love Fern.


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