Glow in the Dark Stained Glass Windows.

Glow in the Dark Stained Glass Windows.

Glow in the Dark Stained Glass Windows.

With our glow in the dark adventures that I have been blogging about, I thought I would share another easy, fun and cheap glow in the dark activity that is great for a sensory and fine motor experience with a side of shape recognition thrown in  for children too.

You will need:

Clear Contact (adhesive clear book covering).

Flourescent Neon coloured paper – yellow, green, orange, any flouro colours you can find – on any paper you can find: paper, cardboard, cellophane, tissue paper, etc.) cut in to various shapes and sizes.

A lamp with a black light globe or fluorescent black light tube light.

Blu Tac (adhesive putty)


All you need to do is work out the size of the rectangle of clear contact that you want your stained glass window to be, then double it and cut out this piece of contact in one large piece (so that once everything is stuck to the contact you can double the sticky sides over on top of each other then seal in your artwork.)

Peel the backing off the contact off of  the one side of the contact that you would like your child to stick the coloured shapes on to.

Then blu tac the non-sticky side down on to your surface to make it easier for the sticky side that will be up not to cling to little fingers and get a bit messy.

Then give your child your neon coloured paper cut up shapes and peel off the backing of the contact and the children can stick their shapes to the sticky side of the contact.

When they are done, peel the backing off the other half of the contact and fold the two sticky sides over on top of each other and then you can stick your masterpiece up on a window or a wall right near your black light which will make it glow beautifully!!

This is a great activity for fine motor skills and is sensory in so many ways, sitting in the dark with your picture glowing in the dark and sticking paper shapes to a super sticky surface without glue is apparently super fun!!

I hope you are enjoying our glow in the dark activities as much as we enjoyed them!

Loads of love,



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