Yoghurt Drops.

A super easy, but fun activity and snack for your children is to make yoghurt drops with them. It is so super simple, but they look adorable and taste yummy and the kids love them to bits!! All you do is get any plain yoghurt, such as Greek, Natural or even Vanilla yoghurt, then you […]

Fun Family Faces.

  A super easy, but fun activity for your children is to enlarge photos of each family member and print them out from the computer, cut around them, then laminate them then cut around them again. Then we used these for lots of fun things, like place settings at the table, we played hide and seek […]

Borax Crystal Snowflake Experiment!

      My boys just LOVE science experiments, and to be honest I REALLY do too!!  So much fun seeing what happens and so many learning opportunities available too! A couple of years back my 4-year-old son was asking me about crystals and how they grow, what they are made of, etc. so we […]

From Kindergarten to School Transition Tips. Free Printable School Readiness Checklist and Student and Parent Contact List!

It is time to start thinking about how to prepare my 4-year-old for the transition to school next year. I am a quite an over-emotional being when it comes to my children, something about them just makes my heart melt and my emotions overflow, so when it comes to the idea of them taking the first step […]

The Grateful Mummy’s Top Educational iPad Applications: Mathematics.

Top iPad Maths Applications: Look out for my top two favourites below:  The Bugs applications as seen below and the IXL Math Practice Subscription App as seen toward the bottom, they are seriously unbelievably fantastic!  The Bugs apps are more basic skills, but intelligently work up to where your child’s level is and will then stop when […]

Rainbow Jelly!

I love doing fun activities with my kids, yes I will admit it, I am a try-hard, but unsuccessful,  Pinterest mummy, like most of us, I just struggle to find the time to do fancy shmancy activities with my children as much as I would like and that’s okay.  When I do them, I give myself a […]

The Grateful Mummy Book Club: “Unstoppable Me!” By Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

Book Review:  Book:  “Unstoppable Me!” Author:  Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Rating:  4 out of 5 Grateful Mummy Hearts. Hard Cover Book. 32 pages. Mostly suitable for children aged 5-9. Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book “Unstoppable Me!” expresses his positive affirmations for children. In this book he does a magnificent job of teaching children how to maintain the […]

Welcome to The Grateful Mummy Book Club!!

  I am going to start sharing my favourite books with you, and start “The Grateful Mummy Book Club” and I would love your suggestions to add to this list too!  Please comment on the bottom of the page so I can check them out!! I plan to eventually build this up in to a very […]