My choice to not enter myself in “The Mummy Olympics”.

  Today I want to stress the importance of celebrating people’s gifts, instead of competing against them, judging or being jealous. I want to follow my dear and very beautiful friend Shelley’s brave and honest lead and write this post as I think it is very important! She mentioned the other day on Facebook, that she […]

Is your child being annoying to you or are they really “in your face”? Try this!!

  It is school holidays for us at the  moment and as much as I ADORE having all of my babies home with me, let’s be honest, everyone can be a little bit “In each other’s faces” a bit more and be a bit more needy. I found my boys being REALLY NEEDY and IN […]

Separation anxiety?? Try This!! Plus: The Grateful Mummy Book Club Review: “The Kissing Hand” to help with Separation Anxiety!

   When your child is super-clingy or has been experiencing separation anxiety, try this!! Cling to your child, being super-exaggerated and silly. “I know you want me to let go so you can go play, but I NEED you! I only want to be with you. PLEASE be with me now?” Keep holding your child’s […]

More Tips for Worn Out Mums: Part 2.

I have been sick in and out of hospital for the last week, so have struggled a bit to get through everything and to deal with family life in general, so I felt a few more tips for Worn Out Mums were in order!! Here they are!! *  Try to stay calm and not make […]

Children arguing a lot lately? Try this!!

Do you have stages in your home where your children seem to be arguing with each other a lot? Try this next time and see if it helps switch your children “switch” back to being more light-hearted? Doing this worked for us and made us all giggle, reconnect and bond again, instead of losing our […]

The Grateful Mummy Book Club: “Unstoppable Me!” By Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

Book Review:  Book:  “Unstoppable Me!” Author:  Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Rating:  4 out of 5 Grateful Mummy Hearts. Hard Cover Book. 32 pages. Mostly suitable for children aged 5-9. Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book “Unstoppable Me!” expresses his positive affirmations for children. In this book he does a magnificent job of teaching children how to maintain the […]