My choice to not enter myself in “The Mummy Olympics”.

  Today I want to stress the importance of celebrating people’s gifts, instead of competing against them, judging or being jealous. I want to follow my dear and very beautiful friend Shelley’s brave and honest lead and write this post as I think it is very important! She mentioned the other day on Facebook, that she […]

Tips to help your children to settle to sleep faster and stay asleep!

Lack of sleep affects children and adults in different ways, and can have a negative effect on behaviour, emotions, attention, social relationships and school or work performance. For example, your child might be moody, have trouble concentrating on school, act difficult and defiant and get run down and get sick a lot. When you as a […]

Do your children always put their shoes on the wrong feet? Try this!!

A super simple idea of how to help your younger children put their shoes on the right feet is to cut a sticker in half and place half of the sticker in each shoe so that they match up like a jigsaw puzzle when you put the shoes together the right way! If they don’t match […]

A respectful technique to teach your child to stop interrupting.

I heard about this technique to help teach children to stop interrupting and thought it sounded beautiful.  I wasn’t really expecting it to work, but was so pleasantly surprised to see that it does, and I thought it was just too lovely not to share! Like me, my boys always seem to have a heck of a lot to say, ALL […]

Lose those training wheels fast!

My son had a very traumatic bike riding experience last year.  He had a serious bike crash which left him with a bloodied face, grazes and loose teeth (new adult teeth too!).  He forgot to hop off his bike down quite a steep decline and despite Daddy yelling out to him frantically and trying to catch […]

Is your child being annoying to you or are they really “in your face”? Try this!!

  It is school holidays for us at the  moment and as much as I ADORE having all of my babies home with me, let’s be honest, everyone can be a little bit “In each other’s faces” a bit more and be a bit more needy. I found my boys being REALLY NEEDY and IN […]

From Kindergarten to School Transition Tips. Free Printable School Readiness Checklist and Student and Parent Contact List!

It is time to start thinking about how to prepare my 4-year-old for the transition to school next year. I am a quite an over-emotional being when it comes to my children, something about them just makes my heart melt and my emotions overflow, so when it comes to the idea of them taking the first step […]

Separation anxiety?? Try This!! Plus: The Grateful Mummy Book Club Review: “The Kissing Hand” to help with Separation Anxiety!

   When your child is super-clingy or has been experiencing separation anxiety, try this!! Cling to your child, being super-exaggerated and silly. “I know you want me to let go so you can go play, but I NEED you! I only want to be with you. PLEASE be with me now?” Keep holding your child’s […]

More Tips for Worn Out Mums: Part 2.

I have been sick in and out of hospital for the last week, so have struggled a bit to get through everything and to deal with family life in general, so I felt a few more tips for Worn Out Mums were in order!! Here they are!! *  Try to stay calm and not make […]

Is your child going through a whining stage? Try this!!!!

Is your child going through a whining stage? Try this!!!! “When your child goes through a stage of whining a lot, remember that whining is an expression of powerlessness. Refusing to “hear” until they use a “big kid” voice further invalidates them. But of course you don’t want to reward whining by “giving in” to […]